Mr. B. S. Khurana
Managing Director
After completing his education, Mr. Khurana joined Delhi UP Madhya Pradesh Transport Company as a Working Partner. In 1986, he became a Director in R. S. Ajit Singh & Co. Pvt. Ltd. and started handling the Eicher Commercial Vehicles dealership and the LML Dealership. He incorporated Ajit Automotive Services in 1995 and became a dealer for EIcher Commercial Vehicles in Noida (UP). He has been the Managing Director of the Ajit Group since 1997.

He is a stonecutter by nature, hammering away at a rock perhaps a hundred times, with a firm belief that the 101st blow will split it in two, and knowing that it was not the final blow that did it- but all that had gone before.

He has lead from the front in difficult times and made the Ajit Group a force to reckon with. His belief that a company can be successful only by building a long term relation with customers and by providing them exemplary services forms the core of the group. His greatest strength is his ability to motivate employees and make them work together as team.
Mr. Khurana has always been the driving force behind the group’s success. He has won numerous awards for the group and represents R. S. Ajit Singh & Co. (Automotives) Pvt. Ltd. on VE’s Apex Consultative Council.